Chandelier Restoration

We've been worked on for so so long, but now we're finally complete! We were so important for so long back at Irving Plaza in Harlem. Everyone from Count Basie to Jimi Hendrix performed to the glow of our light, but then we were tossed away. Saved from the scrap we were, damaged and worn, thought of as useless, but now here we are! I think we look better than we did back in 1927! Our layers of paint have been removed, we have new wires, new crystals, I've even been told that we've been specially modified to fit in our new home, the Jazz Loft. I'm told that as soon as they can fund raise the money needed to install us then we can finally go home! Please, help a lamp out!

In 2015 the Jazz Loft received a wonderful donation of two original 1927 chandeliers from Harlem's Irving Plaza Ballroom. These chandeliers have been the eye in the sky to some iconic performances throughout the decades including Jimi Hendrix! In a state of great disrepair, a campaign was launched to raise the funds needed to give these amazing pieces of history new life and a new home at the Jazz Loft. 
The Ward Melville Heritage Organization was gracious enough to pursue and procure a full engineers report outlining just what would need to be done to install these pieces while meeting local and state building code standards, and, at the same time, respecting the historical integrity of the Jazz Loft structure. Londono Restoration was brought in to collaborate and a plan was developed to modify the chandeliers to meet all requirements. Although this meant shortening the height of the chandeliers, which was upsetting because it meant altering the original design, we were excited to find out that modifications had been made throughout the years and that this re-design effort would actually mean returning the chandeliers to their original specs! Londono Restoration have a well established history of restoring and maintaining some of New York's most historic treasures in countless theaters, hotels and personal residences and it was a thrill to get their updates and hear their excitement about this project at the Jazz Loft.

With restoration complete we now know that below countless layers of paint, these historic pieces are made of steel, brass, and copper. The chandeliers have been completely restored, re-wired and given a clear coat antiquing finish after they were completely stripped of decades of paint. The final phase of this extensive project was the restoration of hundreds of crystals. This project could not have been possible without the generosity of many. Stay tuned for our next update, new photos, and an insight into the two key patrons who spearheaded the sponsorship of this preservation endeavor, Robert Lourie and Ivana Stolnik and the Annie Shemerhorn Foundation.



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