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Sensory Friendly Performances and Autism Programming

Dear Jazz Loft Friends,

The Jazz Loft is delighted to present our 2nd Sensory-Friendly Family Performance on May 19 at 2pm. This relaxed big band concert will be geared toward children who may love music but might be highly sensitive to standard performance practices – such as very loud noises, bright lights, or remaining quiet and still for a long period of time. During this performance, attendees can get up, walk, dance, clap, shout, or sing when they feel like it!


This special program is one way in which The Jazz Loft is working to make live music accessible to all music lovers– regardless of age, sensory sensitivities, spectrum disorders, or other disabilities. This performance will also include pre-performance education so that attendees will know what to expect in advance of hearing it. That way, those who would benefit from that knowledge can be mentally prepared and can react in whatever way is most comfortable for them. Audience members will even be given an opportunity to play instruments and perform along with the band!


In addition to this performance, we are thrilled to announce the addition of sensory-friendly music classes to the education programs at The Jazz Loft! This will allow us to continue our work beyond the performing venue and connect with young music-makers in unique ways that are sensitive and supportive of their learning needs. We have been approved by New York State’s Individual Supports and Services (ISS) program and are anxious to reach out into the community to get classes started, but… WE NEED YOUR HELP! We are in need of adaptive percussion instruments for our future students to play!

These programs and opportunities are being made possible by a $5,000 grant from the Annie Schermerhorn Foundation. A portion of this grant is a matching opportunity, and the Jazz Loft is hoping to meet that match so that we can fully kick this program off the ground! Opportunities are available to donate money to purchase specific instruments, support live sensory-friendly performances, or make a general contribution toward the overall endeavor. If you are interested in supporting this program, we have started an “instrument registry” that will allow people to buy a gift for our sensory-friendly programs. We also have a “Donate” button on our website (write sensory-friendly in the note!) that will allow you to make a general donation to this campaign.

We are always so appreciative of the continued generosity of our Jazz Loft Family. Any time there has been a need, our patrons heed the call and keep our mission alive! Thank you for all that you do and for sharing in our love of music!

Jazz Loft Receives Grant from the Annie Schermerhorn Foundation


Continuing our work towards programming for individuals with special needs, the Jazz Loft is honored to announce that they are the recipient of a $5,000 grant from the Annie Schermerhorn Foundation towards their sensory friendly events programming, workshops and one-on-one music instruction. This grant will support performances in 2018 as well as the purchase of much needed percussion instruments for instruction including hand drums and hand chimes. A portion of this grant is a matching opportunity so if you would like to contribute towards our sensory friendly programming please contact the Jazz Loft to make a contribution or use our "DONATE" button. 

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