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Steve Salerno Quartet

Steve Salerno (guitar and compositions)
John Marshall (tenor sax)
Dean Johnson (double bass)
Ken Hassler (drums)

July 8th performance sponsored by Olivia & Harlan Fischer

STEVE SALERNO (guitar) is an active performer of Jazz and Classical music.  He has performed throughout Europe, China, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Canada, Cuba, Russia and the United States.  He is a member of the Ray Anderson Organic Quartet (with Gary Versace and Tommy Campbell), Paul Smoker 4-Tet (with Drew Gress and Phil Haynes), Mala Waldron Quartet (with Miriam Sullivan and Michael T.A. Thompson), Blue Pipa Trio (with Dean Johnson) and leads a variety of groups, including his Jazz quartet, Exiles. 


He has performed with many of today’s top musicians including Jaco Pastorius, John Abercrombie, Regina Carter, Mark Dresser and Peter Erskine.  Among his latest recordings are Ray Anderson’s Being The Point, Mala Waldron’s Always There, Paul Smoker’s Cool Lives, and Min Xiao-Fen’s Blue Pipa. He was music director for the PBS special Shoreline Sonata, which first aired in May, 2009.


He is the author of Planet Wave’s Chord Master (an 8,000 chord voicing dictionary), which was recently voted the number one music application for Apple’s iPhone, and is on the musician’s advisory board for D’Addario Strings.

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