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Newsday Article

The Jazz Loft's Sixth Annual Harbor Jazz Festival

The Jazz Age

Outdoor live jazz has been a tradition in the village of Stony Brook with the old Dogwood Hollow Amphitheater hosting legends like Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and Benny Goodman back in the '50s and '60s. Today, that legacy continues with The Jazz Loft’s 6th annual Harbor Jazz Festival from Sept. 22-25 after last year’s event was canceled due to the pandemic.

"It feels good to be doing what we are used to doing," says Tom Manuel, president and founder of The Jazz Loft. "I think people have this newfound appreciation for the music after it was silenced for such a lengthy period."


All About Jazz Interview

with Tom Manuel

All About Jazz Interview

with Tom Manuel

Meet Thomas Manuel

Jazz historian, music educator and cornet player Dr. Thomas Manuel holds the endowed Artist in Residence chair within the Jazz department at Stony Brook University. In addition to this he serves as a trustee to the Frank Melville Memorial Foundation, is a member of the Huntington Arts Council Decentralization Advisory Committee, and is the founder and President of The Jazz Loft in Stony Brook, N.Y., an innovative and creative space which joins jazz performance, jazz preservation and jazz education in celebration of the past, present, and future.

5.24.2021 Newsday Article_The Jazz Loft.

Newsday Article

Four stages pop up in Stony Brook Village

this summer for weekly event series

President and founder of the The Jazz Loft in Stony Brook, Thomas J. Manuel spoke to Newsday about what visitors can expect at this year's Summer SWAP, a collaborative celebration of music, history and art held in Stony Brook village. 


Newsday photographer Thomas Ferrara won first place in the portrait category for the 87th Annual National Headliner Awards for "Jazz Musicians Out Cruisin'" for a photo of Jazz Loft musicians

Newsday photographer Thomas Ferrara won first place in the portrait category for the 87th Annual National Headliner Awards for "Jazz Musicians Out Cruisin'" for a photo of Jazz Loft musicians setting out on their 2020 Pop Up Concerts series. Not a surprise that the flashy convertible and Jazz Musicians caught the eye of the judges.

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Welcome to the ‘Coal Bin’

The Jazz Loft Archiving Project Gets

New Refurbished Space Thanks to Generous Donors

Funding for the project came from a $40,000 grant from The Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation, Inc. and a matching gift from Jazz Loft patron Dan Oliveri.


The Jazz Loft Acquires Legendary Bandleader’s Archives


The Village Times Herald article

on "The Jazz Loft" Gardiner Foundation Gift

Tom Manuel, founder of The Jazz Loft in Stony Brook, is always grateful when someone comes along and offers a helping hand, but during the pandemic, his gratitude is overflowing.

Before New York State’s mandatory shutdowns, the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation awarded The Jazz Loft a grant in the amount of $40,000 to match funds coming from local resident and patron Dan Oliveri.


Stony Brook University Launches First-Ever Official Podcast

Featuring Tom Manuel and The Jazz Loft


The Jazz Loft Mentioned in The New York Times

The Jazz Loft was mentioned in a New York Times Real Estate article

titled "Stony Brook, NY: A Scenic Hamlet on the North Shore"


The Jazz Loft Contributes as Healing Force During Challenging Times

Newsday Article "Long Islanders Talk About Staying Creative During Pandemic"


Computing for Social Good Continues with Noteworthy Project

with The Jazz Loft

Even in a Pandemic, Computer Science Students Connect with a Local Non-Profit

Whether you are new to the Stony Brook area or someone deeply rooted on Long Island, a visit to Stony Brook village is not complete without a stop at The Jazz Loft. A performance space and museum dedicated to preserving and cultivating jazz music, The Jazz Loft offers performances and a vigorous educational program, in collaboration with Stony Brook University’s (SBU) School of Music, which delights crowds each year. The museum at The Jazz Loft also houses an extensive collection of original music, recordings, photographs, instruments, and memorabilia.

It is the museum’s collection which attracted the attention of the Department of Computer Science (CS) at SBU.  Jack Heller, one of the early chairs of the CS department, developed the Museum Computer Network back in 1969 with the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the NY Public Library. In keeping with this legacy, several teams of computer science students in Tony Scarlatos’ benevolent computing course created a multimedia database for The Jazz Loft which encompasses original music scores, master recordings, photographs, and other historic assets.