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Pianist Rubens Salles brings his unique style to the NYC scene, to launch his already celebrated newest album, Liquid Gravity Plus. This unconventional Brazilian-born composer explores a sophisticated mix of contemporary and classical influences. Liquid Gravity Plus brings a unique selection of originals and acclaimed standards and the result is absolutely unexpected. Rubens’ version of Girl from Ipanema, for instance, moves far away from Bossa Nova to offer new parameters in Brazilian rhythm; in Rarefeito, his own composition, Rubens traverses the intense world of melody proposing a fresh new approach in Polytonal Improvisation. The album produces a language of its own, intertwining the richness of Brazil’s baião of Hermeto Pascoal with classical inspirations coming from American composer Charles Ives. Liquid Gravity Plus adds a free improvisation element into the big picture – something never explored in-depth before in Brazilian music. At the Jazz Loft, Rubens brings special guest John Clark, the American French horn player and Jazz legend who was a regular with the Gil Evans Orchestra. The band: Rubens Salles, John Clark, Rob Thomas, Leco Reis and Kenny Grohowsky.

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