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Sybil Lefferts Jazz Vocals

Sybil Lefferts returned to jazz vocals in 2003 and has become a favorite performer in her winter home in the U.S. Virgin Islands where she was a featured vocalist with Steve Simon's Jazz Islanders.  Performing there she was hailed in the local press, "the band was never better with...Sybil Lefferts adding her wonderful vocals"(2/5/06).  "Sybil Lefferts adds her terrific vocals" (1/15/06).

In 2005 she performed at the Vermont Jazz Center singing "Round Midnight" to the delight of a packed audience.

She attributes much of the success in her reborn jazz career to her work studying with two of the great jazz artists, Sheila Jordan and Jay Clayton at the Vermont Jazz Center, and the enthusiasm and support of all the musicians she sings with.

She has produced severl shows, "Sybil and Friends", featuring a variety of professional musicians and, of course, her own jazz vocals.  Her comprehensive repertoire includes a wide variety of standards, the songs of contemporary writers and those of Antonio Carlos Jobin, which she sings in Portuguese as well as English.

A long-time resident of East Setauket, she is retired from her practice of psychotherapy and social work.  She is a regular member of the North Shore Chamber Choir, under the direction of Jeffrey Schneider and a frequent performer at the Gallery North Outdoor Art Show.  In addition she delights in sitting in whereever jazz artists are appearing locally.

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